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How to apply Special Effects Latex to create a Blistering Zombie in 5 easy steps:

Apply roundish areas of latex and allow to dry until crystal clear.


Pinch center and roll out to form blisters. Alternately you can inject blood jell into the blister to create an oozing effect.


Apply 2 coats of latex. Lay on facial tissue and tear off excessive flange. Note: Always allow one layer to dry before applying the next. This can be speeded up by using a hair dryer.

Pinch and pull as in step 2 but this time powder wounded flesh as you go. If you don't powder the latex the latex may stick to itself and not render the best effect.

Add make up and fake blood or blood Gel and you are ready to roam the graveyards!



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Myers on Main is operated by Myers - In Business Since 1933
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