Are you looking for a few Star Wars costume party ideas?

Here are a few costume Theme Party Ideas from 

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Costume Theme Parties are more popular than ever:

1. Throw a Star Wars Children Costume Party:

With a theme like Star Wars, for a costume party, the ideas are wide ranging indeed. Character costumes, masks, wigs and make up from all of the episodes are available. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, C3PO are all popular. Whether you care to dress as Yoda, Chewbacca or Princess Leiah, we have all of the costumes from Star Wars episodes and are available for sale. It's really completely up to you as to your choice of characters. Whether you have a particularly favorite episode or you're a fan of them all.

Would you care to view a few of our Star Wars costumes? 

Star Wars childrens costumes

2. The Star Trek Theme

Once again, in the Star Trek theme we have theatrical costumes modeled after all of the series including Star Trek, Voyager, Next Generation as well as many other science fiction themes. All star Trek costumes are modeled after the characters featured in the Star Trek movies and the TV Shows.

3. Wig Parties

A wig party is loads of fun. We have nearly every variety and style of wig imaginable to make your wig party an outstanding success. Choose from the Peggy Sue look to the Marilyn Monroe look....we have a wig that's right for you. We have bee hive wigs, flouresent wigs and we even have beautiful color changing wigs. All quality made and reasonably priced. We would be happy to quote you on a price for one or several of our wigs delivered right to your door.

wig-oldlady.jpg (55249 bytes)

4. Hat Parties

You guessed it! Everyone comes to the party dressed in their favorite hat. The list here could literally go on forever but just to mention a few. There are the ever-popular Sherlock Holmes hats or Big Daddy Hats. Think about your favorite character genre and give us a call. We have Top Hats, Pirate Hats or even cowboy hats. Whatever your flavor, give us a call and we would be happy to help you with suggestions to make your Hat Party or costume party a success.

5. Clown costumes Party

There's a little clown in all of us, so why not try throwing a clown themed costume party?From the more famous clowns like Bozo to characters that you fashion after your own fun filled design. We carry a complete line of professional clown make up, wigs, clown props and more. Clown parties are a jolly good time! Feel free to contact us toll free right now, we'll get you started off in the right direction. 

clownadult.jpg (62214 bytes)


Here are a few more theme party ideas:

Have you thought of :

  • Movie Star Parties
  • Beach Parties
  • Gypsy Parties
  • Vintage Clothing Parties
  • Military Parties
  • Dinosaur Parties

Still looking for more costume party ideas? 
We would love to give you some more great party ideas to make your special event a great success. 

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