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Santa Wig and Beard


Santa Claus Christmas Costumes

Whether you know him by the name of Santa Claus or perhaps Father Christmas as they call him in the United kingdom, one thing is for certain, people enjoy dressing up like Santa for Christmas. 

Maybe for a parade or perhaps you are just attending your Christmas party. Have a look at a few of these Santa outfits, wigs, beards that we have in stock for the Christmas season.

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What are a few other names this 
jolly fellow is known as?

  • In United Kingdom he is Father Christmas

  • In Belgium he is Pere Noel.

  • In China he is  Dun Che Lao Ren 
    ( Meaning Christmas Old Man)

  • In Italy they call him Babbo Natale

  • In Japan he is referred to as Hoteiosho 
    (meaning a priest who bears gifts)

  • In Russia he is called Ded Moroz
    (Meaning Grandfather Frost)

  • Plus he has quite a few other names too.


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