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 We have a wide variety of theatrical wigs for sale in every size and style. Lucy wigs, Judges wigs, blonde, brunette or redhead wigs are in a wide variety of special characters. We have bald skin wigs too, and wigs in nearly every style and color choice.

Santa Wig and Beard

Have you got something special in mind or do you need a wig to match a certain personality?

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Theatrical wigs :

wig-judge.jpg (48639 bytes) wig-blonde.jpg (41341 bytes) wig-blonde-black.jpg (54019 bytes) wig-blonde2.jpg (46875 bytes) wig-rockstar.jpg (50684 bytes)
Judges Wig Blonde Wig Blond wig streaked Blonde Wig Rockstar Wig


Bald Skin Wigs

Redhead Wigs  and  Blonde Wigs


Blonde Wigs

Every color and style of Wig

Old lady wigs

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Myers on Main is operated by Myers - In Business Since 1933
35-37 Main Street, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
1- 905-895-3888

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