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OUR CURRENT FEATURE : Hollywood special effects wounds and injuries with woochie make up

Okay, then so your feeling brave....then scroll down for 

Step by step instructions on how to apply a realistic but sic and disgusting open wound to yourself

(Without an ounce of pain!)



What did this fellow 
do to his arm?

Actually, he is NOT 
injured at all.......

It's just a little Hollywood Special effects make up called WOOCHIE.

If you would like to see how it's done, follow along with our short tutorial....how to fake a fresh opened wound.


To start with, here are the three components you require to achieve this grisly Hollywood makeup effect. 

What is Woochie FX Make up?

Woochie make up effects are professionally hand-crafted latex appliances that replicate some absolutely horrible wounds and injuries. 

Many of them are much more detailed than the one we are demonstrating here. 

Woochie is the first choice of professional Hollywood make up artists.  



Spirit Gum    Plus    The special latex appliance  plus

 a little fake blood


i-1.jpg (25025 bytes)
Work in front of a mirror

i-2.jpg (23885 bytes)
Hold the Woochie appliance
up to your face to determine
the best place to apply the 
i-3.jpg (24253 bytes)
 For this demo...we finally
decided that instead of a head or face injury, we would work on creating a wounded arm.
i-4.jpg (28082 bytes)
Begin by applying the Spirit Gum
to the back of the appliance.

i-5.jpg (24765 bytes)
Be sure to get all of the edges.
i-6.jpg (24561 bytes)
Wait until the adhesive is tacky
i-7.jpg (19193 bytes)
Begin press the appliance in place
i-8.jpg (20644 bytes)
Work from one end to the other

i-9.jpg (22124 bytes)
Grab your trusty 
tube of fake blood


i-10.jpg (18630 bytes)
Begin to apply fake blood 
into the appliance.


i-11.jpg (17232 bytes)
It's looking like surgery is
needed pretty bad here.

And we have a convincing 
wound alright.....

Of course when your finished scaring
everyone, it washes right off with 
soap and water.

We sell a complete line of Woochie effects make up and one phone call can have it on the way to your front door. Give us a call now. We'd be happy to talk to you on our TOLL FREE line and answer any questions. We have many more grotesque wound appliances which include things like :

Woochie effects
Throwing Star embedded wound

make up appliances
Vampire Bite/Punctures

Woochie makeup appliances
Bullet Hole Wounds

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